2017-08-07 23:54:15 by GabeMalk

Such a mystery that comes out of our minds.

Was the doctor insane or pathologically sane?

Oh, the horror!!!

It's all a trick, or is it life itself?

Writing some stuff

2017-06-18 22:44:21 by GabeMalk

Trying to organize myself and start a new project.

Looking for artists, animators, programmers, musicians... ANyone who wants to do something new and original.

Creative minds can make so much more together.

Working on a game

2016-09-15 22:23:55 by GabeMalk

So, I have a new project now, it's called Detective Cthulhu and it''s a point ‘n’ click adventure game that combines existential questions with a corky set of characters in a fun yet philosophical narrative bla bla bla, it's going to be great, so, yeah, follow me on NG and Twitter and stuff like that, I'm the writer and game director and more info to come, eventually..



Maybe, just maybe...

2016-08-09 15:39:17 by GabeMalk

I've been thinking a lot this last month.

Ideas come and go.

Need to put some order in my writings.

Life goes on.


2016-03-14 20:11:55 by GabeMalk

A mistery.


2015-05-21 16:19:20 by GabeMalk

What now Gabe?