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Posted by GabeMalk - 5 days ago

Me, @3p0ch and @toffeescoffees just release our entry for Pico Day! An RPG game called A Pico in Time !

I'm really happy with this project and it was really fun working with them. Hope you enjoy our little game, it may be a bit rough around the edges, but it was made with a lot of love.

Click here to play it!




Posted by GabeMalk - March 25th, 2021

So, Pico Day is coming and I decided I wanted to make a game for it.

Some of my absolute favorite games from old school Newgrounds were RPG/simulation games like Stick RPG and Pico Sim Date, they were part of my childhood, and now I want to make something inspired by them.

I just started writing down some ideas, I'm playing old NG games to break down some of the elements and mechanics, I'm trying to come up with interesting concepts, etc, etc, my standard approach to game design and writing.

But the thing is, I probably can't put this game together by myself. Unfortunately, I have this weird disease that makes me want to bang my head against the wall every time I write more than 5 lines of code, and my art is pretty mediocre at best. I'm a great musician tho... But not for video games. So I need to find some people to help me (that's where YOU come in... Maybe...). I talked to a programmer yesterday, he said that he might join the project, but nothing is certain yet, so if you liked the idea and believe you can offer something to the project, contact me, it'll be fun to collaborate.

I know there's a "deadline", which is Pico Day, but that doesn't bother me that much, I want to make this game out of nostalgia and simply because it seems like a cool and fun game to make, it doesn't need to be 100% finished by Pico Day. Also, the project is in an "early" state (which is to say all I have is a google docs file right now) so ideas, concepts and twists are always welcomed.

Is this a news update? Yeah, I guess. Maybe I should have posted this on the Collabinator, but it sorts by follows, so I don't know if it'd reach anyone. Ah, whatever.

Oh, and by the way, HAVE YOU PLAYED THIS ADMIN GAME YET? I heard it's pretty EPIC wink wink, you're like an IT detective, I think you should go play it wink wink. There was this one guy who said the game was great but needed more IT Crowd references lol and I kind of agree, but I watched that show like 10 years ago... Anyway, news update over.

See ya, space cowboy.

Or cowgirl.

Or cowinsertwhateveryou'dlike.




Posted by GabeMalk - April 28th, 2020

Me and a few friends (two that don't even live in my country, and whose face and voice I've never seen nor heard, but that I, nonetheless, truly appreciate) put together a game for the #HaxeFlixelJam, it's called Quarantine and it's still unfinished, but that's alright, the game has more than enough content to stand like this for now. I guess we got a bit ambitious trying top add a game within a game considering the game jam deadline. It'll get a full release eventually, and I'm quite excited for that.

I called Quarantine a lyrical experiment. Why is that? Because it plays on a fundamental contradiction; it's a monologue, a tool used for lyrical narratives, that is, subjetive and introspective poetry, but how can a game where the player takes choices be a monologue? Whose subjectivity takes charge of this monologue? The autor, the character or the player? This question was fundamental when I started writing the game. It's a also an interesting contradiction that this lyrical monologue's themes are mostly not introspective at all, it's about the outside world and what's happening in this historical moment. It reflects our current contradiction; we're staying isolated for very social reasons.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy our little experiment, hopefully we can somehow be together, although apart, when you play.