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Name's Gabe. I'm a writer and game designer. I still consider myself an student, there's much to learn, but I'm working my way to make something great for all of us. Social sciences student and philosophy professor. Currently working in "A Gambler's Tale"

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Almost a year without updates. I love newgrounds, but I can't help but feel it's decay. I like the direction it's trying to go, but people doesn't seem quite interested. Everyday there's new stuff on it. Tho not all have that handcrafted charm the best stuff here has. This doesn't necessarily means the site or community itself are in decay. Maybe it's me who changed. I wish it was a more relevant platform for creators. Everyone wants to get their games on steam nowadays, and well, that's good. But there are many games I feel would work best being smaller, focused and free. But people need to pay their bills after all. I get that, it just unfortunate. That's for games, but animation seems to be doing worse, struggling to keep relevant in these times where it became something that just isn't easily profitable. That puts me off with game design and game projects. It's quite hard to motivate yourself with independent game projects, everyone got to pay their bills somehow. I can't quit college to design games. I can't and kind of don't want. It's not worth at all, still, it's so hard to develop a game when college and other stuff drain your time and energy plus the difficult environment of an over saturated market that hardly seems to find alternative niche refuges.

Well, enough said. I won't stop trying. You've got to make stuff cause you want to make it. Living in Brazil, games are a difficult thing to work with, but I want to make things I'm passionate about.

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