Working on a game

2016-09-15 22:23:55 by GabeMalk

So, I have a new project now, it's called Detective Cthulhu and it''s a point ‘n’ click adventure game that combines existential questions with a corky set of characters in a fun yet philosophical narrative bla bla bla, it's going to be great, so, yeah, follow me on NG and Twitter and stuff like that, I'm the writer and game director and more info to come, eventually..




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2016-11-02 16:44:28

will it have pixel graphix? :3

GabeMalk responds:

Yep mate!


2017-06-05 18:42:04

Is this... still in the works?

GabeMalk responds:

Unfortunately we had to put the project on hold :/ The artist had other more personal projects and decided to follow her own path. The programmer just kind of vanished, and was always uncertain. It was me and the background artist left, and as college was draining a lot of my time, I decided to put the project on hold. I may "resurrect" it one day, I would gladly do that, but I would have to assemble a new team.


2017-06-09 05:30:03

Ah, shame. Hope it gets resurrected in the future then. Situation feels familiar though, had a Pico Day game going a couple years ago, but programmer didn't have time, found a new one, he didn't have time either, found two more but time... some day though!